Louisiana Law Enforcement
officials say “Vote Yes" on 2!


 Craig Webre, Lafourche Parish Sheriff"The Founding Fathers believed that the unanimous jury decision was essential to the protection of justice in America. I agree with them, so I support Constitutional Amendment 2."

Kenneth Polite Jr., Former United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana:  "Jury unanimity is a standard met each and every day by prosecutors in 48 states and in our federal system.  Louisiana has some of the best prosecutors in the country, and I am confident that their pursuit of justice will be undaunted by this standard.  To the contrary, it will improve public trust in their work and our state’s criminal justice system as a whole." 

Tim Lentz, Covington Chief of Police: "As a lifelong law enforcement officer, and after consulting with people whom I respect from the Bench, the time has come to make this important change. It is time Louisiana followed the 48 other states that require unanimous juries.”

Bryan Zeringue, Thibodaux Chief of Police: “The founding fathers built our criminal justice system on the promise of 12 jurors agreeing on a verdict. It is time to respect our traditions and follow through on that promise.”

Tim Hitt, Former Police Corporal in Monroe: "During my career in law enforcement, I dedicated myself to protecting and serving my community. That means standing up for measures I believe would make our justice system work better-- including Constitutional Amendment 2."

District Attorney James Stewart, Sr of Caddo Parish: "The time to correct this anomaly is now. Amendment 2 has broad bipartisan support and is an important step in building on the criminal justice reforms enacted by the Legislature in 2017. Requiring unanimous verdicts for felony offenses will instill trust in our criminal justice system and ensure that all persons are treated equally under the law."

District Attorney Hillar Moore of East Baton Rouge Parish: “"We are at critical times between police, prosecutors, courts and our community. Changing the verdict scheme hopefully will restore some trust and legitimacy in our system and take away some of the criticism of our current jury system."

District Attorney Keith Stutes of Lafayette Parish: “I simply think at this point in our history, it’s no longer good for us to be one of only two states that are different than the rest of the nation.”

David Brown, Former Assistant City Prosecutor in Baton Rouge: "As a former prosecutor, I know that the community's trust in the criminal justice system is an essential element to a properly functioning system. Because Constitutional Amendment 2 would help buttress that trust in law enforcement and increase fairness overall, I wholeheartedly support it."

Constitutional Amendment 2 has also been endorsed by the Louisiana Republican Party, Americans for Prosperity, Louisiana Family Forum, District Attorney Charles Riddle, District Attorney Bradley Burget, District Attorney Sam D’Aquilla, and former district attorney Ed Tarpley. Louisiana voters will decide the fate of Constitutional Amendment 2 on November 6.



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