Deans of Loyola University New Orleans and Tulane Law Schools Endorse Amendment 2

DATE: November 2, 2018

"We stand firmly in support of this important effort to improve fairness in our courts."

NEW ORLEANS, La. — Today, the deans of Loyola University New Orleans College of Law and Tulane Law School released an open letter in support of Amendment 2 to the Louisiana legal community. 

"Respected jurists recognize the principle of unanimous juries as essential to our democracy," reads the letter, which can be read by clicking here. "We stand firmly in support of this important effort to improve fairness in our courts."

The deans' support is the latest in a series of nonpartisan endorsements for Amendment 2 from elected officials, cultural influencers, faith leaders and community activists. If passed, Amendment 2 would require unanimous jury verdicts in felony trials in Louisiana. 

Election Day, where Amendment 2 will be on the ballot for Louisiana voters, is November 6.


The Unanimous Jury Coalition is a group of community-focused organizations working on voter education and registration across the state leading up to the November election. It will conduct a robust statewide effort to inform voters about Constitutional Amendment 2.

Bipartisan support for the ballot initiative formed after Louisiana lawmakers were presented evidence indicating 
more than forty percent of all those who have been recently exonerated were (mistakenly) found guilty by non-unanimous juries. Louisiana's outlier status - only Oregon has similar jury procedures - also persuaded lawmakers to bring the issue to a vote of the people. In 48 other states, all jurors must agree on whether a prosecutor has met the burden of proving guilt beyond reasonable doubt. Louisiana is the only state where someone can be sentenced to life in prison without parole without an unanimous decision of a jury in favor of a guilty verdict.

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Dylan Waguespack