ICYMI: Former DA Ed Tarpley Launches Public Campaign for Constitutional Amendment 2

July 31, 2018
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ICYMI: Former DA Ed Tarpley Launches Public Campaign for Constitutional Amendment 2

Baton Rouge -  With nearly forty years of legal and prosecutorial experience under his belt, Ed Tarpley addressed the working press and members of the public yesterday with a strong opening argument for passage of of Constitutional Amendment 2, coming to the ballot in Louisiana’s November 6th Election. Tarpley told the audience, “It’s time to put this relic of the Jim Crow era in the past,” as he explained the history behind Louisiana’s non-unanimous jury law which was adopted after the Civil War. Under current law citizens can be convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole, even when two of twelve jurors believe the state has failed to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. 

“If you support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights you will vote for Amendment Number two,” Tarpley said noting that the Louisiana’s current split-jury law is inconsistent with the jury principles prescribed by James Madison and John Adams. Louisiana is one of only two states that allows for the use of non-unanimous juries. 

Tarpley told reporters that a bipartisan groundswell of support led to passage of legislation to get the measure on the ballot and a grassroots effort from organizations and leaders on both sides of the political spectrum including the Louisiana GOP, the ACLU, Americans for Prosperity, Voice of the Experienced, the Louisiana Family Forum and many more is building. “We’re going to see a real push take place between now and November to get the message out,” Tarpley said. 

Coverage of Tarpley’s appearance and key supporters of the ballot measure appeared in today’s papers and on television across the state: 

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